The name of the project – AGATHE BAUER – stands for a misheard line (“I’ve got the power”) of the music hit “The power” from 90s of the German band Snap!. The samples that made that song a hit were taken from Jocelyn Brown’s “Love’s Gonna Get You” without her permission or any recognition. A long legal fight that followed, has brought up the questions of authorship and authorisation in the music world on a bigger scale.

By choosing the pop-culture case of AGATHE BAUER as a reference we want to point to a tendency of the matter to transmute. The silenced female voice of Jocelyn Brown shaped itself irrationally and against all odds back into a living body with a homophonic name; Jocelyn Brown’s affirmation turned into [agathe bauer] and that is how she gets empowered, doesn’t she? Whether AGATHE BAUER phenomenon is a process of transmutation, a matter of speculation, simply a chance or even a stroke of righteous fate, it is yet to be discovered.